Please help me get my message known.
That parents should limit their child’s use of a phone.
Or better yet, restrict their time on the internet.
Children must learn to express themselves, each in their own way.
And be encouraged to use their imagination again, today.

This may appear to be an insignificant rhyming scheme.
But the reality is children cannot take their eyes off that glowing screen.​

There are two crucial questions:
At what age should a child get a smartphone?
Does smartphone and social media addiction begin at an early age?

Does your child:
Withdraw from family, preferring to be on the phone?
Get angry or disturbed when the phone is not available?
Are school, daily chores, and activities affected by excessive phone use?
Are there changes in mood, eating habits and sleep?

Simple fixes:
Educate your children on cell phone use.
Make a plan to limit their time on the phone.
Monitor who your children communicate with.
Establish no phone zones.

For children ages 4 – 8
This is a cute story about Anderson the aardvark who is always begging his father for a cell phone. He is so excited when he finally gets one for his birthday. How does he handle this new responsibility?. How do Anderson and his family deal with his growing addiction to social media?

I am betting, this book will be of value in a classroom setting. It’s an important topic, I’m sure you will agree. That’s why you can watch a trailer video of my book for free.
In my writings, I take pride.This book would be great as a children’s guide.  Take a look, you decide.

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“Teddy Behr, a native of New York City is a refreshing new author on the children’s book scene. Whether it’s a valuable lesson to be learned or a cute rhyming story, his writing is sure to bring smiles to young readers faces.”
Valerie Kressner
Kressner Printing NYC

With wit and humor, these stories aim to influence children in positive ways. They learn the importance of basic common decency and moral behavior. Through fun-filled adventures the characters encourage more personal interaction with family and friends rather than a dependency on social media.
If you have any questions, comments or observations, please email me at the address below. Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.

BUY the book NOW!

If you’re interested in learning how to protect and monitor your child’s smartphone activities and don’t know where to begin, please read below.
Thank you,
Teddy Behr


The problem:
Children are spending more time on their smartphones than ever before.
This presents threats to our children:
Cyber predators
Cyber bullying
Parents need to do the following to keep their children safe from online threats:
Filter out inappropriate contact on the internet.
Set a screen time schedule for phone use, including games and apps.
Get full visibility of your child’s activities on their devices.

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